Voice Activity Detection is now enabled by default

Prior to this update, the Voice Activity Detection feature in Cornerstone Classroom App was disabled by default. Only Cornerstone Classroom administrators could configure your domain to enable voice activity detection support, and users had to submit a request to enable it.

In this update, the Voice Activity Detection feature in the Cornerstone Classroom App is now enabled by default.

Voice activity detection is the ability of the internal voice engine to automatically detect when a user is speaking. When voice activity detection support is enabled, audio is transmitted on a channel only when an activity is detected on the microphone.

To use the Voice Activity Detection feature, you need to update the version of the Cornerstone Classroom App installed on your system.

For details about this feature, refer to Voice Activity Detection Support.

  • The Voice Activity Detection feature is enabled by default. To disable the feature, submit a request. For more details, contact Support.
  • Currently, the Express Client does not support Voice Activity Detection.