Support for three-level folder agenda

Prior to this release, when an agenda was exported and imported back again using the App-based Agenda Builder, the folder hierarchy increased with each export and import. However, the App-based Agenda Builder did not support multi-level folder structure. There is a need to provide a consistent import and export mechanism for .saz file format.

This release enhances the agenda folder structure in the App-based Agenda Builder as follows:

  • Supports a maximum of three-level folder structure for the agenda, so the Content Manager can add agenda items using a .saz file up to three levels.
  • They can drag-and-drop agenda items while creating an agenda.
  • When an agenda is exported and then imported back in again using the App-based Agenda Builder, the folder hierarchy does not increase with each export and import.
  • Word/PDF/PPT/PPTX files are converted to images and imported under their own folders.
  • Displays folders in a different color breadcrumb.
  • Displays a new thumbnail icon for the expanded folder.
  • When the second-level folder is expanded, the tab view shows one tab with that folder name. The breadcrumbs then display the folder content. Clicking the 'Up' arrow icon in the tab takes you back to the top level.

See illustrations below.

Figure 1. Max 3 folder levels
Max 3 folder levels

The App-based Agenda Builder does not allow adding another folder level after the third level as illustrated below by the grayed out 'Folder' option.

Figure 2. Folder level 3
Folder level 3
Figure 3. Up arrow in agenda
Up arrow in agenda