Premium Video support in Express client

Prior to this update, the Express client did not support Premium Video (720p HD) mode. It used to receive the larger video frame sizes of Premium Video from the Cornerstone Classroom App but limited the display to 160x90 pixels.

This update enhances the Express client to support Premium Video mode such that it now displays larger 720p HD video frame sizes in Gallery view.
Note: By default, the Express client supports the Standard Video mode. To enable the Premium Video mode, contact your Account Manager.
When Premium Video mode is enabled, the Express client supports the following key features:
  • On the Welcome page, when the first video starts, the video panel opens in the vertical view. This can be later changed to the grid or horizontal view.
  • The vertical view displays videos on the right side of the client window while the horizontal view displays videos at the bottom of the client window. You can scroll to see more videos in both the views. The grid view displays all active videos but can decrease the size of the videos on smaller screens so that they do not go outside the client window.
  • Vertical and horizontal views always display the secondary (XSmall) frame size regardless of whether the session is in the grid or carousel view, except for the Primary video that uses the Large frame size.
  • Displays up to 25 concurrent video channels in the grid view when no content is being shared.
  • Displays your own video first or on top.
  • Resizing the video grid panel horizontally or vertically does not cut the video off.
Table 1. Supported default video resolutions for Premium Video mode in Gallery view
Video Panels Default Resolution (Pixels)
1 1280x720
2 1280x720
3 to 4 640x360
5 to 12 424x240
13 to 25 320x180