Redesigned Express Client (Beta)

This update introduces the redesigned Cornerstone Classroom Express client. Note that the new client provides an improved and more intuitive interface design. It does not introduce any new features or changes to the existing functionality.
Note: Currently, the redesigned Express client is in a Beta phase and will undergo changes in the upcoming releases.

By default, the redesigned Express client is disabled. Meeting Administrators must enable the feature for their domain.

Note: To enable the redesigned Express client, contact your Account Manager.

Once enabled, participants can launch the redesigned Express client.

The redesigned Express client displays a new user interface that features a large media panel and a mini-toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The larger part of the client area is occupied by the media panel. When no agenda item is being displayed, the media panel displays the session participants with their names and profile pictures. If the Premium video mode is enabled, then the participants are displayed in a gallery view in the client.

The mini-toolbar displays icons for the microphone, video camera, attendees, chat, and gestures. The More Actions ellipses displays the meeting info and the product help. Clicking the attendees, chat, or meeting info icons opens the respective panels on the right side of the client window.

Click the Leave button at the right-hand top corner to exit the redesigned Express client.

The following screens illustrate various views of the redesigned Express client in both Premium and Standard video modes.

Redesigned Express client in Standard video mode

Redesigned Express client in Premium video mode

Chat panel in Standard video mode

Meeting info panel in Standard video mode

Attendees panel - Tile view

Attendees panel - Line view

Redesigned Express client with video agenda in media panel

Redesigned Express client with gesture icons

Redesigned Express client with user gestures in Premium video mode


The redesigned Express client is in a Beta phase and does not support:
  • Marking up slides or Whiteboard

    Participants can only view markups made in the App client.

  • AppSharing

    Participants in the redesigned Express client can view AppShare but cannot be selected to share their applications.

  • Breakout rooms

    The redesigned Express client does not function properly if attendees are put into breakout rooms and so must be left in the Main Room.

  • Primary Video

    Attendees who are set to Primary Video will not be viewed as primary in the redesigned Express client.