New audible alerts for content changes

For users using a screen reader such as JAWS, the Cornerstone Classroom app uses audible alerts to notify when content changes in the Media panel and requires user input, but the focus is elsewhere in the application, for example, in the Attendees panel or Text Chat window.

This update introduces new audible alerts for the following event.
  • New evaluation or poll displayed

New audible alerts

When the audible alert is sounded when a poll or evaluation is displayed, the user can use the shortcut keys to change focus to the Media panel and work through the content by letting the screen reader read the text.

By default, audible alerts are not enabled. To enable the new audio alert, click the Settings icon in the Cornerstone Classroom app and navigate to Session > Audible Alerts > Sound, click the event name and select the required sound.

For more details, refer to Best Practices and Features for 508 Compliance guide in the Online Community.