MP4 recordings now show recorded videos during playback

In this update, when a Cornerstone Classroom event that includes live videos is recorded and the recording is converted into an MP4 recording, the converted MP4 recording now displays the recorded videos.

The MP4 recordings of Meetings and Classrooms now display up to 4 recorded videos. The speaker's video, if available, is always displayed. The leader video is not replaced unless they are no longer broadcasting.

The MP4 recordings of Webinars only display the recorded video of the speaker. The video changes as the speaker changes.

When content is shared, the video resolution of the converted MP4 recordings is limited to 180p. For Gallery mode layout, the recorded video size is honored.

If the recorded event contains a primary video with content, then the converted MP4 recording displays the primary video and content side-by-side in a split screen ratio, where a total of 5 (1 primary video and 4 secondary) recorded videos are displayed.

The following table indicates the difference between Premium and Standard video modes for displaying live videos, Gallery View, and Primary video in the converted MP4 recordings.

Table 1. Difference between Premium and Standard video modes in the MP4 recording
Content Type Premium Video (HD) Standard Video (non-HD)
Welcome Page (Only videos, No Content) Gallery view (25 videos) Welcome Page + 4 videos
Primary video without Content Gallery View (25 videos, no Primary video) Welcome Page Split view, Total 5 videos (1 primary + 4 secondary)
Primary video with Content Split view, Total 5 videos (1 primary + 4 secondary) Split view, Total 5 videos (1 primary + 4 secondary)
Polls, Whiteboard, AppShare, Images Content + 4 videos Content + 4 videos
YouTube, Evaluation Unsupported message + 4 videos Unsupported message + 4 videos