Microphone and camera of participants are enabled when a classroom session starts

Prior to this update, when a Classroom session was started, the microphone and camera controls were disabled for session participants and the class Instructors had to explicitly assign them back to the participants, creating an unnecessary additional task in the class flow.

In this update, when a leader or presenter starts a Classroom session, the microphone and camera can be configured to remain enabled for the session participants. That is, if a participant's microphone and camera are enabled and broadcasting in the pre-session, then they now continue to do so after the session starts. The leader or presenter has to explicitly mute the user to disable their microphone or stop their camera from broadcasting.

By default, the microphone and camera of participants remain disabled when a Classroom session starts. This behavior can be enabled by Cornerstone Classroom Domain administrators.
Note: If you want to enable the microphone and camera of participants on session start, submit a request. For more details, contact Support.

This change is applicable to Cornerstone Classroom App, Express, and Mobile clients.