IE 11 - End of Support

In order to keep up with browser security requirements and the latest software enhancements and to continue our focus on bringing you the most innovative technology, we will not continue to develop or test for Microsoft applications beyond their own support commitment. With the December 2021 release, we will withdraw support and compatibility testing of IE11.

Our support retirement will follow the schedule below:
  • Between now and Cornerstone Classroom 8.5.16 (Cornerstone Saba Update 51), we will fix critical bugs with the use of IE11 browsers.
  • Beginning with Cornerstone Classroom 8.5.17 (Cornerstone Saba Update 52), we will no longer be testing IE11.
  • Support will completely end after Cornerstone Classroom 8.5.16 (Cornerstone Saba Update 51) is available in production (General Availability: December 6th, 2021). After that time, use of Cornerstone Classroom with IE11 may not provide a seamless user experience.

We strongly recommend that you partner with your IT teams to review your browser usage and encourage your team to upgrade to supported browsers. Microsoft recommends the use of Microsoft Edge.

End of Support for Cornerstone Classroom Browser Client

Since the Cornerstone Classroom Browser Client is only supported on IE 11, it will follow the same support retirement schedule as noted above for IE11. Support for the Browser Client will completely end after Cornerstone Classroom 8.5.16 (Cornerstone Saba Update 51).