Express client now supports Voice Activity Detection

Prior to this update, only the Cornerstone Classroom App client supported the Voice Activity Detection feature.

In this update, Cornerstone Classroom Express client also supports the Voice Activity Detection feature.

Attention: This feature is enabled by default. To disable the feature, submit a request. For more details, contact Support.

Voice activity detection is the ability of the internal voice engine to detect when a user is speaking. When voice activity detection support is enabled, audio is transmitted on a channel only when an activity is detected on the microphone.

For example, if there are 15 users in a session, then all 15 users can have the microphone. The microphone is ready to detect voice activity as soon as a user unmutes their microphone the first time. After that, when they start speaking, they will be audible in the event. To avoid transmission of background audio in the session, users can use the mute button on their headsets to mute the audio. To speak again in the session, they can simply press the mute button on the headset again.

Although, all users in a session can have the voice activated microphone (in the Inactive state), only up to 10 microphones can be active in the session simultaneously.

For more details, see Voice Activity Detection.