MP4/Video files from the agenda now play in the converted MP4 recording

Prior to this update, MP4/video files that were imported in the agenda in a Cornerstone Classroom session were not played back in the converted MP4 recording of the session. When the session recording was converted to MP4, users received the following message in place of the MP4/video file: 'Item not available - The selected agenda item is not available offline'.

In this update, the converted MP4 recording of the playback now plays the MP4/video files from the agenda. The video and audio both play in sync in the MP4 recording. If the video file was paused anytime during the session, the MP4 recording correctly displays the paused moments in the video. As a result, there is no visual difference between playing the recording in the App playback client and playing the converted MP4 recording with respect to the video file from the agenda.