Enhanced client launch workflow

With the introduction of the Cornerstone Classroom App launcher workflow, if the Express client was enabled and if you did not have the browser extension and you were not a leader, then the Express client was launched for you.

This release enhances the Cornerstone Classroom client launch workflow options such that administrators can now choose to prioritize either the App or the Express client for participants joining an event.
Note: This change is applicable to Cornerstone Classroom hosted users only.
The Enable Cornerstone Classroom WebRTC Client property is modified to include the following options:
  • Yes

    Selecting this option enables the Express client and is preferred during event launch.

  • No

    Selecting this option gives preference to the App client during event launch.

  • Yes but prefer App

    Selecting this option enables the Express client but the preference is given to App launcher workflow during event launch.

    When participants launch an event in Chrome or Firefox browser, then they can now launch the App client or choose to click the Cancel button and then click the Join the meeting with our light client link to join using the Express client.

    Also, for this domain property option to work, the Cornerstone Classroom connector must not be installed in both Chrome and Firefox, and/or the Cornerstone Classroom App client must not be installed. If both are installed, then the App client will launch automatically.

    Figure 1. Enhanced client launch
    Enhanced client launch
Only System Administrators can configure this domain-level client property.
Note: To configure the domain property, submit a request. For more details, contact Support.