Configurable markup tool sizes in Whiteboard

Prior to this release, the default size of the Whiteboard tools, especially marker tools, was very small. Leaders and presenters found it tedious to work with such small size markup tools during an event but had no options to configure the sizes.

This release provides the ability to configure the markup tool size, where leaders and presenters can now choose between three sizes, namely Small, Medium, and Large for the icon images drawn by the Whiteboard.

As shown in the following figure, they can adjust the size using a size chooser located at the bottom of the image chooser popup menu. Changing the size of the tool affects all users in the session, such that all users see the same size whiteboard icons. If more than one presenter changes the icon size setting, then the latest icon size setting is used for the icons on the Whiteboard.

Figure 1. Markup tool size selection
Markup tool size selection
Figure 2. Markup tool size selection
Markup tool size selection

They can select the sizes for Laser Pointer, Named Arrow, Star, Check Mark, X Mark, and Smiley.

The default size is Medium.

The following table indicates the different sizes of the markup tools.

Table 1. Markup tool sizes
Tool Size Icon Size Sample Image


20 x 20 pixels


40 x 40 pixels


60 x 60 pixels

Change in default text font size

Additionally, the default text font size is now set to 24. Previously, the Java default font size was used.

Figure 3. Change in default font size
Change in default font size