Changes to Text Chat in the App client

With this update, the Cornerstone Classroom App client now includes support for OpenJDK instead of JRE. This change has resulted in some changes to the Text Chat functionality in the App client.

The Text Chat now supports HTML5. Most of the functionality of the Text Chat remains unaffected, except for the following:
  • The URLs sent in a chat window are now clickable links, and open externally in your default browser.
    Figure 1. Clickable URL in Text Chat
    Clickable URL in Text Chat
  • The context menu in the Text Chat now opens only inside the Text Chat window instead of spanning outside it. If the menu options are not visible, then the chat window displays a scroll bar. If you dock or undock the chat window while the context menu is being displayed, then the menu is automatically closed.
    Figure 2. Text Chat context menu changes
    Text Chat context menu changes
    You can also drag the menu and place it at a desired position in the chat window.
    Figure 3. Drag the context menu
    Drag the context menu