Audio option enhancements

Prior to this release, when users attended a Cornerstone Classroom event, they were presented with audio options in the Audio Setup wizard regardless of the audio type set for the event. The audio option that was not applicable to the event was simply grayed out (disabled). For example, if VOIP only was selected in an event, then both VOIP and Dial-in options were displayed, but Dial-in was simply grayed out.

This release now displays audio options for events based on the audio type of the event (VOIP, telephone, or blended). The audio options that are not applicable to an event, are not displayed to users.

The Cornerstone Classroom now displays the audio options in the Audio Setup wizard as follows:
  • For a Blended event, it displays both VOIP and Dial-in options
  • For a VOIP event, it displays only VOIP option
  • For a Telephone event, it displays only Dial-in option
  • If an event is not using the Callback feature, then it does not display the Callback option.

The following figure illustrates an event where the Audio Options value is selected as VOIP.

Figure 1. VOIP audio option in event
VOIP audio option in event

When this event is launched, users see the VOIP audio option in the Audio Setupwizard as shown below.

Figure 2. VOIP option in audio wizard
VOIP option in audio wizard
  • The Settings panel for an event continues to display audio options based on your domain properties. This allows users to override the event audio options in an ongoing session. The Audio Setup wizard options change to match the changes you made to the audio settings.
    Figure 3. Audio settings
    Audio settings
  • When you have a Blended or Telephone event and the Callback property is enabled on the domain but is disabled in the event, then the Audio Setup wizard displays a grayed out Call me option that cannot be selected. However, if the Callback property is disabled on the domain itself, then the Call me option is not displayed in the audio wizard.
    Figure 4. Grayed out 'Call Me' option
    Grayed out 'Call Me' option