Admins can now download the webinar Question & Answer transcript

This update provides Administrators the ability to download the Question & Answer transcript for a webinar.

Only Meeting Administrators can enable this feature for your domain by configuring the appropriate domain-level property.

Note: To configure this feature, contact your Account Manager.

By default, the feature is enabled.

Once the feature is enabled, Cornerstone Classroom generates a transcript for the Question & Answer session of each webinar. To access this transcript, Event Managers can navigate to Manage Events, search or browse for the webinar, and click the Reports link for the webinar.

Download a webinar Question & Answer transcript

Click the Download link for a transcript under Question and Answer Transcripts.
  • The transcript is downloaded as a text file.
  • Questions and answers are logged along with the user's name and the server time stamp.
  • Questions asked anonymously do not have user names in the transcript.
  • The transcript contains the latest edited versions of the questions and answers.
  • Deleted questions and answers are not stored in the transcript.

The following figure shows a sample downloaded transcript.

Sample transcript text file