Use the Express client

The Cornerstone Classroom Express client is a browser-based client that does not require Java plugins. The Express client is based on WebRTC standards. WebRTC is a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs.

The Express client does not provide an alternative to the Cornerstone Classroom App; however, it provides a fast and easy way to attend an event without the need to install the App.

Attention: Currently, the Express client can be launched only by participants, but not by leaders and co-presenters.

If you are using the Express client, then your name appears in an italicized font in the Attendees panel. If a leader or co-presenter right clicks a user in the Attendees panel and if the user uses an Express client, then the menu displays a title bar with the words "Express client". This allows the leader or co-presenter to know that they cannot promote the user to a co-presenter because the user is using the Express client.

If the Express client is enabled and if you are on a supported browser and are not the leader or co-presenter, and:
  • If you have the Cornerstone Classroom App installed and is the preferred client, then when you click the Attend link, the App launches.
  • If you do not have the Cornerstone Classroom app installed, then when you click the Attend link, the Express client launches.
Figure 1. Express client

Legacy v/s Modern Express client

The Express client is available in two varieties:
  • Legacy Express Client
  • Modern Express Client
If you are an existing user who has the Express Client enabled, then the Modern Express client is set as the default client.
Note: If you have not enabled the Express client, submit a request. For more details, contact Support.

The clients provide different user interfaces but almost the same features.

The legacy Express client will be retired soon. Therefore, users who have currently implemented the legacy Express client are encouraged to switch to the Modern Express client.

For more details, see Modern Express Client.