Modern Express Client

The Cornerstone Classroom Modern Express client provides a modern, improved, and more intuitive interface design.

If you are an existing user who has the Express Client enabled, the Modern Express client is the default client. You can see the Modern Express client when you attend a session using the Express client.

Note: If you have not enabled the Express client, submit a request. For more details, contact Support.

The Modern Express client displays a new user interface that features a large media panel, a header, and a footer. The larger part of the client area is occupied by the media panel. When no agenda item is being displayed, the media panel displays the session participants with their names and profile pictures. If the Premium video mode is enabled, then the participants are displayed in a gallery view in the client.

The header displays the event name, the Leave button, the event timer, and recording indicator. Click the Leave button to exit the Modern Express client.

The footer contains the mini-toolbar that displays icons for the microphone, video camera, attendees, chat, gestures, and more. The More Actions ellipses allows you to access different actions such as meeting info, CC transcript, product help, and so on. Clicking the attendees, chat, or meeting info icons opens the respective panels along the right side of the client window.

You can show or hide both the header and footer in the client.

Modern Express Client

You can perform the following actions