Features and limitations of the Express client

The Express client has the following features and limitations.


Following are some of the prominent features of the Express client:
  • Join sessions via same guest and logged in workflows
  • Join sessions with participants where multiple clients are used
  • Use VoIP. Blended audio sessions are supported.
  • Send and receive public forum text chat
  • Use emoticons (yes, no, raise hand, applause, laugh, and step out)
  • View participant panel to see other participants
  • View up to 25 concurrent video channels in the grid view for Premium Video mode and up to 8 concurrent video channels for Standard Video mode
  • View imported PPT content and see mark up
  • View mouse movements
  • View Whiteboard and use a limited set of markup tools on the Whiteboard
  • View and respond to a polling survey
  • Display each poll answer in unique colors
  • View and complete evaluations (test and surveys)
  • Switch from Cornerstone Classroom Express client to the App client and rejoin the session automatically
  • Launch Express client on priority if App client is not installed
  • Display a list of participants who are speaking in the session
  • Engage in breakout room activities
  • View closed captions and CC transcript
  • Share live videos, if leader or co-presenter grants permission.
  • AppShare screen and applications, if leader or co-presenter grants permission.
    Note: Sharing of live videos and AppShare are currently in a Beta phase. We will continue to enhance them over the next few updates.


Currently, the Express client does not support the following:
  • Any Leader or Co-presenter activities
  • Take control over leaders application
  • Deletion of own chat messages
  • Broadcast closed captions

For an elaborate list of supported features, see Comparison of supported features.