Troubleshoot: Express client

This section answers questions that are frequently asked while using the Cornerstone Classroom Express client.

Why doesn't the Express client launch?

The Express client does not launch if any one of the following applies to you:
  • Your domain is not configured to launch the Express client. To enable the client, contact Saba support.
  • You are the leader or co-presenter. To launch the client, you must be a participant.
  • You are using a browser other that the supported versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Edge Chromium. For more details, see System requirements.

Why does my browser prompt me to share the microphone when using the Express client?

The Express client allows you to hear and send audio in session, and so the browser needs your permission to use the microphone. If you do not give permission, then you will not be able to speak in a session using the Express client.

Click the microphone icon in the upper-left area of the browser's URL bar, select the required microphone and share it.

Figure 1. Share microphone

Why is the camera blocked in the Express client?

If the camera icon in the Express client indicates that it is not available or blocked, then there can be two possible reasons:
  • The event leader has not granted you permission to enable the camera.

    In this case, you can ask the event leader to grant you camera permission.

  • The camera permissions are denied for the site by your browser.

    In this case, you can check your browser site permissions, and enable the site to use your device camera.

    In Firefox

    If you are using Firefox browser, then click the additional permission icon beside the URL and change the permission for Use the camera to 'Allowed'.

    Figure 2. Grant camera permission in Firefox

    In Chrome

    If you are using Chrome browser, then click the site permissions icon beside the URL and toggle the Camera switch to 'On'.

    Figure 3. Grant camera permission in Chrome

    In Edge Chromium

    If you are using Edge Chromium browser, then click the site permissions icon beside the URL and select either 'Allow' or 'Ask' in the Camera setting.

    Figure 4. Grant camera permission in Edge Chromium
    Note: In all the cases, you must reload the browser to apply the updated settings for the site.