Start the Whiteboard

You must be a leader or co-presenter to start the Whiteboard.

To start the Whiteboard, in your Cornerstone Classroom event, click the Whiteboard button.

Figure 1. Whiteboard button
Click the Whiteboard button

A blank Whiteboard appears in the Cornerstone Classroom event window with the markup tools aligned at the left edge of the Whiteboard. Participants can see the Whiteboard only after you start the session.

Blank Whiteboard at the start

Note: You can also insert a Whiteboard placeholder into an agenda using the Agenda Builder. For more information, refer to the relevant Agenda Builder documentation.
Note: If you are using breakout rooms, each room has its own Whiteboard, which can be saved and added to the agenda in the main room. If no content was assigned in the breakout room, the saved Whiteboard will be placed at the end of the main room agenda. If an agenda item or folder was assigned to a breakout room, the Whiteboard will be saved and placed in the agenda in the assigned folder, or a folder will be created for the saved Whiteboard.