Save the markup to agenda

All markups on an unsaved Whiteboard or slide are deleted 30 seconds after the last user has exited the event. However, if you need to refer to the Whiteboard markups during the event, as a leader or co-presenter, you can save the markups to the meeting agenda.

To save the Whiteboard markup as agenda content:
  1. On the Markup toolbar, click the Save to Agenda ( )icon.
  2. In the Name field, enter the Whiteboard or slide name.
    Figure 1. Save to Agenda
    Save to Agenda
  3. Click OK. The Whiteboard or slide will be saved and inserted as a content item at the end of the agenda.
    Figure 2. Whiteboard saved as agenda content
    Whiteboard saved as agenda content
  4. To view the saved Whiteboard or slide, navigate to the end of the agenda and click on the saved item.