Edit a markup object

You can edit markup objects in the Whiteboard. For example, objects like text, line, arrow, box, circle, filled box, and so on can be edited.

However, not all markup objects are editable. For example, many objects like star, check mark, smiley, laser pointer, different highlighters, and so on cannot be edited.

To edit a markup object:
  1. On the markup toolbar, click the Selection Tool (cursor) icon.
  2. Click the left mouse button on the markup object to select the object. When you select an object, it becomes editable.
  3. Right-click the selected object. The context menu opens with various editing options.
    Note: The editing options vary depending on the selected markup object.
  4. Click the required option in the context menu.
    Tip: To edit text, double-click the text box.

The following images illustrate editing actions for some editable markup objects.

Figure 1. Star cannot be edited
Star cannot be edited
Figure 2. Filled box can be edited
Filled box can be edited
Figure 3. Text can be modified
Text can be modified