Unmute the microphone to speak

By default, your microphone is muted.

To speak during a session, unmute your microphone by clicking the mic icon. Click the button again to mute the microphone.

Figure 1. Mute or unmute microphone
Mute or unmute microphone
Note: If no active audio channels are available in a Cornerstone Classroom session, then your voice cannot be heard by other attendees in the session even when you speak after unmuting your microphone. For more details, see Troubleshoot: Audio.

Press to talk

Alternatively, if you want to speak during a session, you can quickly activate the microphone by pressing down and holding the CTRL key on the keyboard. Ensure that the Cornerstone Classroom App window is in focus.

Leaving the key mutes the microphone again.
Note: A participant cannot use this 'press to talk' feature if the event leader has disabled their microphone.