Supported actions during AppShare

Figure 1. AppShare floating mini toolbar

When you share an application, the floating mini toolbar appears centered along the top border of your screen initially. You can move this toolbar to a convenient position on the screen or minimize it if it's in the way.

Warning: Clicking the x icon on the mini toolbar will not close the toolbar; it will terminate the session itself.
The toolbar provides the following key controls you need to manage the session:
  • Quit AppShare - Allows you to stop sharing your applications in the session.
  • Pause AppShare - Allows you to pause sharing your applications in the session.
  • Transition Options - Allows you to view transition options, where you can select any other application and start sharing it immediately. You can also share your device audio using the Share computer sound option. For more details, see Share device audio during AppShare.
    Figure 2. AppShare transition options
  • Markup Tools - Allows you to view different markup tools. Clicking the markup icon takes a snapshot of the shared application and then allows you to markup the snapshot.
    Figure 3. Markup tools
  • Audio Options - Allows you to set up your microphone.
  • Video Options - Allows you to set up your camera.
    Note: In the Premium Video mode, when a video is displayed while sharing, the toolbar also displays the active videos. However, if the user who is sharing is using multiple monitors, then the video is shown as undocked on the second screen.
  • Attendees Panel - Allows you to view attendees in the session.
  • Chat Panel - Allows you to open the chat window.
  • Recording Status - Allows you to play or pause the recording of the session.
  • Gestures - Allows you to view and start using various gestures.
    Figure 4. Gestures