Share an application

Leader and co-presenters can share an application that is open on your screen by using the AppShare feature.

For Meeting events, you can share an application immediately on launching the meeting. Whereas, for Classroom events, you can share an application only after the session has started.

Click the down arrow beside the Share button and select an application you want to share.

Figure 1. Share individual applications

Share the desktop

When selecting applications to share, you can choose to share the desktop. Sharing the desktop allows you to share your entire screen and all open applications instead of sharing individual applications.

In meeting events, you can share the entire desktop directly from the Welcome page by clicking the Start AppShare tile.

Figure 2. Start AppShare for Meetings
Start AppShare for Meetings

For Classroom events, click the Share button to quickly share the entire desktop.

Figure 3. In Session - Start AppShare
In Session - Start AppShare