Schedule an event using the Cornerstone Classroom Outlook Scheduler

If the Cornerstone Classroom Outlook Scheduler plug-in is enabled for Microsoft Outlook, then you can see a Cornerstone Classroom Outlook Scheduler ribbon in the Appointment toolbar of your Outlook Calendar.

To schedule a Cornerstone Classroom event, click New Appointment or New Meeting in the Microsoft Outlook toolbar.

Cornerstone Classroom ribbon in New Appointment
This Cornerstone Classroom Outlook Scheduler ribbon displays the following options:
  • Schedule a Meeting

    Select this option to open the form for creating a new event.

    The appointment body displays the following placeholder text below the dotted line before the appointment is saved by the user:

    "<Event details will be displayed here upon save. Please add your personal text above line.>"

    Users can add their text and other details in the space above the dotted line as illustrated below.

    Figure 1. Appointment body before saving
    New appointment body before saving

    Once the appointment is saved, this placeholder text is removed and replaced by the actual event details as illustrated below. The user text remains unchanged.

    Figure 2. New appointment body after saving
    New appointment body after saving
    Warning: It is recommended you do not make any changes to the placeholder text. If you make any changes to the placeholder text, then Cornerstone Classroom is unable to locate and replace the placeholder text with the actual event details, and on saving, event details are not populated in the appointment body.
  • Meet in My Room check box

    Select this option to launch into an ongoing Meeting event. When the user saves or sends the Outlook appointment, a browser window is opened with the guest attend URL for the user's My Room event and an Outlook email is sent to all invited users.

    If a My Room event is already created in an integrated application such as Cornerstone Saba, then selecting the Meet in My Room check box in Outlook Scheduler uses the same meeting event. It retrieves room information such as name, meeting ID, and attend URL from the server and displays it in the text area. If the My Room does not exist, then clicking the Meet in My Room check box creates the My Room event using the current start date and time. If the user later logs into Cornerstone Saba, then Cornerstone Saba uses the My Room created by the Outlook Scheduler.

    Figure 3. Meet in My Room
    Meet in My Room

    Meetings are always created as per the user's pre-defined 'Meeting Capacity'. Whereas, Classrooms are created with an enrollment limit of up to 500.

  • Meeting Options button

    Click the Meeting Options button to open or close the configurable event options. It works only after you click Schedule a Meeting menu. However, if you select the Meet in My Room check box, then the Meeting Options button is disabled unless you have more than one 'profile' set up. Profile is the Cornerstone Classroom server/domain you are associated with. If you have more than one profile then the Servers section of the Options form is enabled but the Event Options and Event Audio sections are disabled.

    The Meeting Options contains the following options:
    • The Event Type drop-down displays:
      • Only 'Meeting' and 'Classroom' options for standalone Cornerstone Classroom clients.
      • Only 'Meeting' option for Cornerstone Classroom clients integrated with Cornerstone Saba.
    • The Save options and hide this panel check box at the bottom of the Meeting Options panel allows you to save the configured values of all fields and use them as the new defaults for all future events, even if they are different from the domain defaults and user profile.
    • The appointment pane does not display the Meeting Options panel for future events by default. It is displayed only if you manually select 'Meeting Options' from the drop-down.
    • All events are created using the domain default value of the Audio Property 'Default number of concurrent speakers for meetings and events'.
    Figure 4. Meeting Options
    Meeting Options
Note: The Schedule a Meeting and Meet in My Room options are mutually exclusive. Selecting Meet in My Room clears Schedule a Meeting and closes the form, and vice-versa.

Authenticate your account details

When you click any of these options in the Scheduler toolbar for the first time, you are prompted for authentication of your Cornerstone Classroom account on the server. Specify the following details:
Table 1. Authentication for Cornerstone Classroom Outlook Scheduler
Field Name Description

The Cornerstone Classroom server and site name.

Login ID

Your login ID for the server.


Your password for the Cornerstone Classroom server.

Home Domain

The domain where your user account resides.

Note: To configure Cornerstone Classroom Outlook Scheduler to connect to multiple servers, contact Support.

The Saba account used to login to the Cornerstone Classroom Outlook Scheduler must have the same email address as the one used in Outlook. Inconsistent email addresses can cause enrollment issues. Note that enrollment issues can also occur if there are multiple Saba accounts that have the same email address. In this case, the Cornerstone Classroom Outlook Scheduler will not be able to recognize which account is the one to be enrolled.