Receive a call back to join an event

Cornerstone Classroom provides the facility to call back to join an event by phone.

As an event leader, you need to enable the call back facility first. If the Intercall (or any other teleconference provider) integration has been configured for your site, then the call back number is displayed in the Audio Setup panel. The call back number is populated from your personal profile. If there is no number in your profile, then you can add the number in the Audio Setup panel.

To receive a call back to join an event by phone:
  1. Click the drop-down arrow beside the microphone icon. The Audio Setup panel opens.
    Figure 1. View call back instructions
    View call back instructions
  2. Select the Call me option. The call back numbers are displayed.
  3. Select a call back phone number from the drop-down list. If no number is available in the drop-down list, then enter your desired phone number.
  4. Click Dial. While the system is dialing your selected number, the Telephone icon next to your name in the Attendees panel blinks until you answer the call, or the call is terminated.