Delete a question or answer

Participants can delete their submitted questions until they are answered. Once a question is answered by a leader or presenter, then it cannot be deleted by the participant.
Note: The ability to delete unanswered questions is available to participants in both the App and the Modern Express client.

Similarly, presenters can delete the answer they have provided for a particular question. Whereas, leaders can delete any question or answer, including the original question asked by a participant.

Deleted questions and answers are not stored in the webinar transcript.

Delete a question or answer in App client

To delete a question or an answer in a webinar:
  1. In the Question & Answer panel, right-click the question or answer.
    Table 1. Delete option for leaders and participants

    Leader- Edit and Delete options

    Participant - Edit and Delete options

  2. Click Delete.
  3. In the Delete dialog box, click Delete to confirm and proceed with the deletion. The deleted question or answer is removed from the Question & Answer tool for all users in the webinar.

    Edit box

Note: If an answer to a question is deleted, then the corresponding question is not displayed in the panel to all participants, except for the one who asked the question.

Delete a question in Modern Express client

As a participant, you can delete your own unanswered questions in the Modern Express client.

To delete your own unanswered question in a webinar:
  1. Click the More Actions menu beside the question in the Q&A panel.

    Edit and Delete options for questions in Express client

  2. Click the Delete option. A confirmation dialog box appears.

    Delete a question

  3. Click OK. The selected question is deleted.