Ask a question

Participants can ask questions in a webinar. The question is displayed to all event attendees, including leaders, presenters, and all participants.

To ask a question in a webinar:
  1. In the Question & Answer panel, type your question in the text field.
  2. Press Enter or click Submit to submit your question.

    Submit a question

    Submit a question in Express client

Ask a question anonymously

By default, the participant's name is displayed along with the question in the Question & Answer panel. However, if you do not wish to disclose your name, then you can submit a question anonymously by selecting the Submit a question anonymously check box (in App) or Ask anonymously check box (in Express client).

The word 'Attendee' is displayed instead of the participant's name in the panel. The following figures show the Question & Answer panel in App and Modern Express clients respectively.

Anonymous question in App client

Anonymous question in Express client