Play back an event recording

Users enrolled in an event can view a recording after it has been published to the meeting server.

To view a recording from the server:
  • If you are an enrolled user, you can click the Playback link associated with the event from the application you launched the meeting or clicked the playback link in the email you received from the event leader or co-presenter.
  • If you are not enrolled in the event (guest attendee), then you can use the Guest Playback URL that the event leader or co-presenter gave you via email. Enter the URL in your browser window. Type in your email address, select a user account, and click Playback. If necessary, enter your first name and last name, and click Playback.
    Figure 1. Guest playback
    Guest playback

When you play an event recording, the playback client provides you with various options and controls to adjust the pace of your playback.

You can use the various controls such as fast forward, next, rewind and seek bar to control the speed of viewing. You can also use the Index Point drop-down to directly jump to a particular point in the recording.

Figure 2. Playback client controls
Playback client controls

However, these controls can vary from event to event depending on how the event creator has configured the event.

  • Not all events have recordings.
  • .AVI and .ASF recordings play back in a standard media player, such as Real Player or Windows Media Player, in a new browser window.
  • When a YouTube video is part of the converted MP4 recording, the recording now displays a standard message along with the URL of the YouTube video, to indicate why the YouTube video is not part of the converted MP4 recording. The standard message is displayed only for the duration of the YouTube content playback in the recording.