About polls

Polls are one-question-at-a-time surveys that event leaders and co-presenters can give to participants during a session. Poll responses are instantly displayed to the leader and are presented in a graphical form.
Note: Leaders and co-presenters cannot participate in the polls in a session.
Figure 1. Poll
Event leaders or co-presenters can use polls during a session to:
  • Give polls to participants and view an instant graph of responses.
  • Solicit pacing and comprehension feedback.

Event leaders, co-presenters, and breakout room leaders (Classroom events only) can create polls using the Poll tool available from within the App client at any time during a session.

Figure 2. Create a poll

You can create polls before or after starting a session. While in session, you can create a poll using the Poll tool. To create a poll before a session, use the Agenda Builder.

You can choose to show poll results to all participants or hide them. You can save poll results locally, so they are available after the session ends.