Navigate content in an agenda

Event leaders or co-presenters can step through the agenda items either sequentially or randomly. The agenda item turns green when you have landed on it.

Figure 1. Agenda panel
Agenda panel

Navigate agenda items sequentially

Click the Previous and Next arrow buttons in the agenda panel or in the main window that displays the agenda content.
Note: The Next button must be used to advance each animation effect if you have imported a PowerPoint that has animation as HTML.

Navigate agenda items randomly

Click the name of the agenda item in the agenda panel.

Expand and collapse content items in a folder in the agenda

To expand or collapse content items in a folder in the agenda, click the caret icon next to the folder icon in the agenda.
Note: The collapsing of folders is only visible for you. That is, if you expand or collapse folders this will not be seen by participants.
Figure 2. Agenda view
Agenda view