Mute or unmute a specific participant

As a leader or co-presenter, you can mute or unmute participants in a session. This helps to avoid accidental background noise and distractions during the session. All participants can also mute or unmute themselves, unless the leader has manually deactivated their microphone.

To mute or unmute participants in an event:
  1. In the Attendees panel, right-click the name of a participant whose audio you want to control. The context menu appears.
    Figure 1. Control audio
    Control audio
  2. Click Control audio. The audio control options appear.
    Figure 2. Control participant audio
    Control participant audio
  3. Control the audio as follows:
    Table 1. Audio control options
    Option Description

    Disable microphone/markup tools /

    Enable microphone/markup tools

    Allows you to disable or enable the participant's microphone and markup tools. This deactivates the participant's microphone button and the participant cannot manually mute or unmute their microphone.

    If disabled, then the Turn on microphone option in the participant's audio controls is disabled.

    Turn on microphone / Mute microphone

    Allows you to mute or unmute the participant's microphone.

    When you turn on the microphone, it displays a request dialog box to the participant. The participant can choose to accept or deny the request. For more details, see Ask a participant to turn their mic on.

    When you click mute, it instantly mutes the participant without displaying a prompt.

    The participant can still manually mute or unmute their microphone any time.

    Adjust microphone level

    Allows you to control the volume level of the participant's microphone.