Use videos

Cornerstone Classroom App and Express clients support both 720p High Definition (HD) resolution and non-720p (Standard) resolution videos.

720p High Definition (HD) resolution video is supported only in the Cornerstone Classroom Premium Video mode. Whereas, non-720p resolution video is supported in the Cornerstone Classroom Standard Video mode.

With Premium Video mode support, Cornerstone Classroom provides an improved 1-on-1 meeting experience with larger side-by-side videos without content. It also facilitates an immersive training experience through virtual classes that require large-sized 720p HD videos.

It is expected that Cornerstone Classroom Premium Video mode would require a higher bandwidth usage than traditional Standard Video mode experience.

Key features

The video support provides the following features and benefits:
  • Up to 25 concurrent video channels in Gallery mode for Premium Video mode and up to 8 concurrent video channels for Standard Video mode, when no content is being shared
  • 16:9 video resolution support for 720p HD and non-720p video resolutions with improved layout and quality
  • Single channel video and two channel side-by-side video at 1280x720p HD quality
  • Improved virtual class experience with 720p HD primary video resolution with content
  • Secondary video channels at 180p resolution
  • Automatic video undock to secondary screen for dual screen systems
  • Displays a halo around the video panel of an active speaker for enhanced focus
  • Collapsed/floating people and text chat panels to allow more screen space for video and content
  • Host can view video while sharing application
  • Support 720p video and Gallery view during playback of recordings

Configure the video mode

By default, the App and Express clients support the Standard Video mode. The Premium Video mode is disabled.

To enable the Premium Video mode, Cornerstone Classroom administrators need to configure the appropriate Video domain properties.

Note: To enable the Premium Video mode, contact your Account Manager.