Exit an event

As a participant, you can exit any time during an event either by choice or accidentally or due to technical issues such as power outage or abrupt device shutdown. If you want to rejoin the event, see Rejoin an event.

As a leader, you can terminate an event and eject all participants from the event.

To exit an event:
  1. Either click the Exit button, or click the x icon on the window.
    Figure 1. Exit an event
    Exit an event

    Depending on your system configuration, you see any or all of the following options during exit.

    Figure 2. Event exit options
    Terminate event when last presenter exits
    • Recording options
      If the event is configured to be recorded and if a recording exists, then you can select one of the options to publish the recording.
      • Publish when the last presenter exits

        The last presenter to exit the event is prompted to publish the recording if it has not already been published.

      • Publish now
      • Don't publish
      Note: Your network connection must remain stable while the recording is being published. If the connection with the server is lost, the recording will not be published.
    • Terminate Event options
      You can decide when you want to end the session by selecting one of the following options:
      • Terminate event when the last presenter exits
      • Terminate event when the last attendee exits
      • Eject all attendees and terminate the event now
    • Create post-event email

      Select this check box if you want to send an email after exiting the event. This opens a new email message in your default email client. The message is preloaded with email addresses of all attendees, a predefined subject with the event name, and a predefined body with event details such as name of event, date and time, names of all attendees, and event recording URL (if recording exists) and an event ID. You can add more details or update exiting details if required.

    If none of these options are configured for you event, then a confirmation prompt appears during exit.

    Figure 3. App exit confirmation prompt
    App exit confirmation prompt
  2. Click Exit to leave the event.