Grant AppShare control to a participant

As a leader or co-presenter, you can grant control of AppShare to a participant in the event. This facilitates multiple users in the event to share a common presentation or feature and ensures continuity in the event. You can grant AppShare control to multiple participants in an event.

For example, if a sales team is presenting their new market strategy presentation, the event leader can grant AppShare control from one sales person to another or to multiple sales people so it avoids any requests to the leader or co-presenter to change the slide when they are ready, ensuring a smooth progression of the presentation.

For more details about AppShare, see Share an application.

To grant AppShare control to a participant in an event:
  1. In the Attendees panel, right-click the name of a participant to whom you want to grant AppShare control. The context menu appears.
    Figure 1. Give AppShare Control
    Give AppShare Control
  2. Click Give AppShare Control. This allows the participant to perform AppShare during the session.
    Figure 2. Participant with AppShare control
    Participant with AppShare control
  3. To grant AppShare to another participant in the event, repeat steps 1 and 2.
    Note: If you want to remove the AppShare control from a participant, click Clear AppShare Control for that participant.