Create an agenda in the App

To use the App-Based Agenda Builder, you need to:
  • Have the Content Manager or Author role in Cornerstone Classroom, or have the Virtual Event Admin or Virtual Event Developer role in Cornerstone SBX
  • Use either a Classroom type event in pre-session mode or a Meeting type event
While already in the event, you can create and import the following types of agenda content to be displayed in the Agenda panel:
  • Files, containing content such as images, text, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, or video files
  • URLs, that participants can click to access Web sites
  • Placeholder for AppShare
  • Evaluations
  • Polls
  • Whiteboard
  • YouTube videos
To create an agenda in the App:
  1. In a session, click the Options > Add Content > Build an Agenda.
    Figure 1. Build an agenda in App client
    The Agenda Builder opens in the App.
    Figure 2. Add agenda content to App client
  2. Click Add to add different types of content to the agenda.
    The following options appear:
    • Appshare
    • Evaluation
    • File
    • Folder
    • Poll
    • URL
    • Whiteboard
    • YouTube video
  3. Drag and drop agenda items, folder, and its content across the agenda tree view and multiple levels of content. This allows you to effectively build the agenda and change the content order quickly.
    Note: The App-based Agenda Builder allows you to build up to 3 levels of folders or agenda content.
  4. Click Save to publish your agenda.