Create a poll in a session

Event leaders, co-presenters, and breakout room leaders (Classroom events only) can create polls using the Poll tool in the Cornerstone Classroom App any time during a session.

  • The session must already be started.
To create a poll in a session:
  1. Click the Poll button.
    Figure 1. Create a new poll
    Create a new poll

    The Poll popup window appears.

  2. Specify a question and one or more answers in the corresponding fields to create a fresh poll.
    Figure 2. Create a fresh poll
    Create a fresh poll


    Select one of the pre-defined poll templates from the Questions drop-down list to create a poll based on pre-defined questions and answers.

    Figure 3. Pre-defined poll templates
    Pre-defined poll templates
  3. If you select a poll template, then the answer fields are populated based on the selected template.
    Figure 4. Select a poll template
    Select a poll template
  4. Make the required changes to question and answers, if required.
  5. Click Save Poll. The new poll is saved as a custom poll template and appears in the Poll drop-down list. This can be used as a template for creating more polls.
    Figure 5. Custom poll template
    Custom poll template
  6. Click Show in Session to immediately show the poll to all participants in the on-going session.

Additionally, you can edit a poll or clear poll results during the session.