View closed captions

When closed captions are being broadcast, users in the event can choose to view the captions during the event.

To view closed captions in the App client:
  1. Click the arrow besides the CC button.
    Figure 1. CC actions
    CC actions
  2. Click Show subtitles. This displays the captions in a subtitle bar at the bottom of the client window. The subtitles bar disappears 10 seconds after the last closed captioning message and re-appears when the next message is received.
    Tip: Alternatively, you can directly click the CC button to show or hide the subtitle bar.

    Closed captions are displayed in the subtitle bar as the Closed Captioner is typing them.

    Figure 2. Subtitles bar
    Subtitles bar

    If you do not want to see the closed captions, click Hide subtitles in the CC menu. The subtitle bar is hidden from the bottom of the client window.