Type and broadcast closed captions

Once a person is assigned as the Closed Captioner for an event, the CC button is enabled for the Closed Captioner as well as all event participants. The closed captioner is informed by displaying a notification in the event and they can start typing the captions in the broadcast window.

To enter the closed captions:
  1. Click the arrow besides the CC button.
    Figure 1. CC actions
    CC actions
  2. Click Open broadcast window. This opens the Closed Captioning - Broadcast subtitles window.
    Note: The Open broadcast window option is available only to the Closed Captioner, and not to other participants in the event.
    Figure 2. Broadcast subtitles
    Broadcast subtitles
  3. Type the closed captions in the text box. As you type the text, the text is immediately broadcast one word at a time to all the users in the event. Every blank space you press displays the word preceding the blank space in the subtitle to all users in the event. So, you must take utmost precaution while typing out the closed captions correctly.
  4. Press Enter to submit the closed captions. The closed caption text is updated in the space above the text box and logged in to the session's CC transcript.