Use closed captions in breakout rooms

Closed captions are supported in breakout rooms.

When breakout rooms are started in an event and if the person assigned as the Closed Captioner is moved to one of the breakout rooms, the CC button is available only to people in the breakout room that holds the Closed Captioner. The CC button is not displayed to participants in other breakout rooms and is disabled for leaders and presenters in other breakout rooms.

Figure 1. CC button is disabled
CC button is disabled in Main room when the Closed Captioner is in a breakout room

The leader or the presenter cannot assign a Closed Captioner once they are in a breakout room. The Assign as Closed Captioner context menu does not appear for them in the breakout room.

Note: Only one Closed Captioner is allowed per event and so only one of the breakout rooms, which has the Closed Captioner, can use closed captioning.