Use breakout rooms

Breakout rooms is a feature of Classroom event that allows event leader or co-presenter to divide participants into groups and distribute them to private virtual rooms within the same classroom. Each breakout room can have a breakout room leader, separate agenda content, application sharing, text chat, and Whiteboard. When a breakout session ends, all participants are returned to the main room.

For VoIP-only events, one can create as many breakout rooms as per requirements. For events that involve telephone audio, the number of breakout rooms is limited to the maximum number of telephone sub-conferences specified in the Conference Call Profile by your Administrator.

Breakout Room Manager

A Breakout Room Manager is a leader or co-presenter in the session who sets up breakout rooms and has control of the Breakout Room Configuration Tool. They can use the Breakout Room tool in Edit mode. Only one presenter can act as the Breakout Room Manager. For other presenters, the Breakout Room tool remains locked and they can open the tool in view mode only.

The Breakout Room Manager can visit each breakout room in the session or make announcements to all rooms at the same time.

Features of breakout rooms

A Breakout Room Manager can use breakout rooms to:
  • Have participants work in small groups for class exercises
  • Create groups of different abilities
  • Allow users to work on different projects or assignments
  • Encourage a higher level of interaction, brainstorming, and use of collaborative tools or applications in smaller groups
  • Conduct interviews
  • Manage multiple orientation sessions