Start and manage breakout rooms

Once the breakout rooms are set up, the Breakout Room Manager can start and manage breakout rooms.

To prevent conflict, only one user (the Breakout Room Manager) can open the breakout tool in Edit mode and perform actions on it. When the breakout tool is already opened by the Breakout Room Manager and the room has started, other presenters get a view-only access to the tool. They cannot move participants from one room to another or perform any other breakout room actions.

If any other user attempts to start the breakout tool while it is already being used by another user, then the App displays a message to inform the user that the tool is already in operation and indicates the name of the user running it.

To start a breakout session, click Start in the Breakout Rooms panel. The button changes to Stop and the room status changes from Inactive to In progress.

Figure 1. Start a breakout room session
Start a breakout room session

To stop the breakout session, click Stop. The room status changes back to Inactive.

Figure 2. Stop a breakout room session
Stop a breakout room session

Use the breakout timer

You can set the breakout session to automatically end after a predefined time using the timer functionality.

You can set the timer in the Breakout Timer field in the Breakout Rooms panel. When the breakout room is started, the timer starts. When the set time ends, the breakout room stops automatically.

You can enter 0 to 60 minutes.

If no timer is defined in the field or if the field is set to 0 (zero) minutes, then it means that the timer is disabled and the breakout rooms do not end automatically.

Figure 3. Set the Breakout Timer
Set the Breakout Timer

The breakout room timers are displayed in the leader and participant clients while the room is running. The timer is displayed in both, the breakout rooms and the main room. Users can see the updated breakout timers as they move from one room to another, and when they go back from a breakout room to the Main room. The room name is displayed besides the timer.

Figure 4. Breakout Timer in a breakout room
Breakout Timer in the client
Figure 5. Breakout Timer in the Main room
Breakout Timer in the Main room