Set up breakout rooms

The Breakout Room Manager can set up breakout rooms.

To setup breakout rooms:
  1. Click the Breakouts button.
    Figure 1. Setup breakout rooms
    Setup breakout rooms
  2. Specify the following configuration:
    Table 1. Breakout room setup
    Field Description
    Number of breakout rooms to create

    Specify the total number of breakout rooms you want to create in the session

    Minimum number of participants in a room

    Specify the minimum number of participants per room.

    Auto-assign participants to breakout rooms

    Select this check box if you want to automatically assign participants to different breakout rooms.

    If you do not select this check box, then all participants are added to the main room, and you would need to move them manually to each breakout room.

  3. Click Create breakout rooms. The breakout rooms are created along with the Main Room. The rooms are named as Room1, Room2, and so on.
    Note: Breakout rooms are only created, but not started. To start a breakout room, see Start and manage breakout rooms.

    Once the breakout rooms are created, you can make changes to the room setup if required and save the setup for future use. For more details, see Save the breakout room setup.