Save the breakout room setup

The Breakout Room Manager who has the breakout tool lock can save the breakout room setup like breakout groups, participants in each room, agenda content, timer, and so on.

To save the breakout room setup, simply click the Save button on the Breakout Rooms panel.

Figure 1. Save breakout room setup
Save breakout room setup

Saving the room setup allows event leader and co-presenters to prepare the breakout room setup and learner assignments in pre-session or in-session mode, and save it for later use in the session.

For example, while a leader is conducting a session, a co-presenter can open the breakout tool and configure the breakout rooms with content and assign learners and save the setup. Later, when the leader wants to start a breakout room, they open the tool and access the breakout room setup that was saved by the co-presenter. They can make any changes if needed or start breakouts immediately.

Users assigned to rooms are not displayed again in the rooms if they left the session or were disconnected from the session between the time the breakout room manager saved the configuration and opened it up again.

The saved breakout room setup is lost when the event ends either due to all users leaving the session or the leader terminating the session.

Note: The Save button is not available in the view-only mode.