Actions supported during a breakout session

The breakout room leader’s interface is similar to the event leader's interface. The breakout room leader can control the agenda and the collaboration tools but cannot end the breakout session or move participants back to the main room.

As the Breakout Room Manger, you can visit each breakout room. If you assign the co-presenter role to participants, then they will be able to see the co-presenter interface and will be able to move themselves between breakout rooms.

During breakout sessions, a Breakout Room Manger can:

  • Make announcements to all breakout rooms
  • Speak to individual rooms
  • Visit rooms
  • Chat with room leaders
  • Assign new room leaders
  • Move participants between rooms
  • Assign new content for a breakout room

The breakout room participant’s interface is similar to the event participant’s interface. Participants can interact with the breakout room leader, other participants in the room, and use all participant’s tools.

The breakout tool allows the Breakout Room Manger and other presenters to expand and collapse all rooms using the Expand All Rooms and Collapse All Rooms links. When the rooms are collapsed, the panel displays the Expand All Rooms link. When the rooms are expanded, the same link changes to Collapse All Rooms.

Figure 1. Expand All Rooms
Expand All Rooms
Figure 2. Collapse All Rooms
Collapse All Rooms

The breakout tool displays raised hand icons besides a participant and room name when the participant in the room has clicked the raise hand option in their People panel. They can also send a text chat to All Presenters in the session. This indicates other users in the room that the user needs some help or has a query.

Figure 3. Display a raised hand icon
Display a raised hand icon

The breakout tool also displays a drop-down icon for the main room, breakout rooms, and users in the room if any actions are available for them.

Figure 4. Display a drop-down action menu
Display a drop-down action menu