Ask a participant to start their webcam

As a leader or co-presenter, you can request a participant in the event to start their webcam (video camera). This allows the participant to choose if they are ready to be seen or want to keep their video turned off.

To ask a participant to start their webcam in an event:
  1. In the Attendees panel, right-click the name of a participant whose video camera you want to be switched on. The context menu appears.
    Figure 1. Ask to start webcam
    Ask to start webcam
  2. Click Ask to start webcam. The selected participant receives a request message to start their webcam.
    Figure 2. Request to start a webcam
    Request to start a webcam

If the participant clicks Accept, then their webcam is turned on automatically. The participant can choose to turn the video camera off any time.

If the participant clicks Deny, then their webcam is not turned on.