Add a formal agenda to an event

There are two ways you can import an agenda into an event as a leader of co-presenter:
  • You can import the agenda (.saz file) during the live event.

    This method requires you to import the content during the event. If it is a Classroom event, then any evaluations are imported; however, if you are importing the saz file into a Meeting or Webinar event, then any evaluations contained in the saz file are not imported. You need to use the other method noted below to preserve the evaluations for these event types. Use this method when the leader needs to quickly import the agenda in a one-off event and when the content does not have to be reused in another event.


  • You can create a Subject, upload the agenda (.saz file) to the Subject and then associate the Subject to an event.

    Use this method when the content needs to be already imported and ready in the live event, some or all the content needs to be pre-downloaded prior to the event by the participant, the agenda is being reused in other events, or when evaluations are required for Meeting and Webinar events.