Software requirements

The following table describes requirements for attending or leading events using the Cornerstone Classroom App client.
Table 1. Software requirements for the Cornerstone Classroom App client
Type of Software General
Operating System
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
    Note: Only the Desktop mode is supported. The Metro mode is not supported.
  • Apple Mac OS Monterey (Version 12)
  • Apple Mac OS Ventura (Version 13)
    Note: When a leader launches the App client on a Mac OS Monterey or Mac OS Ventura, and tries to perform AppShare, other participants can see only the leader's desktop. For details, see Troubleshoot: Events.
Web Browser

In a Windows environment:

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium (Latest available version)
  • Firefox (Latest available version)
  • Chrome (Latest available version)

In a Mac environment:

  • Safari 15
  • Firefox (Latest available version)
  • Chrome (Latest available version)
Video Codec Open H.264
Audio Codec OPUS
Java Temurin 17.0.5 (bundled with Cornerstone Classroom App)
Microsoft Office Microsoft Office 2016
508 Support JAWS 18 or later